Weddings by Tiffany Rose

Pricing Information

Choose from any of my ceremonies or write your own. I'm happy to customize your ceremony any way you'd like. It's your wedding, you can make it as traditional or unique as you would like. I will provide you with a printed keepsake copy of the ceremony you choose or customize. All prices are for Lafayette and surrounding parishes. Any others, there will be a traveling fee to be determined upon location.

You must secure your marriage license from any Louisiana parish clerks office. It must be purchased at least 72 hours before the ceremony but no more than 30 days before. The license is good for 30 days only. It will expire 30 days from date and time of purchase.

I'll be happy to submit your license to the parish for your convenience. A license is not required for vow renewal or commitment ceremony.

$65   Quickie- 10 minute ceremony for couple and two witnesses

$120  Standard Ceremony- 30 minute ceremony without rehearsal

$140  Standard Ceremony- 30 minute ceremony with rehearsal

Ceremony Enhancements


This memorable element involves the pouring of two separate sand vessels into one keepsake container representing the joining of two lives into one using different colored sand for each. Especially impactful for blended families. I provide all materials!   
(Couple only - Add $5 for each additional family member)


I provide the Couple with a beautiful Red Rose which they present to each other as a "first gift" after the Ring Exchange. The Ceremony continues to explain the significance of the Rose and encourages it's future use as a means to say "I Love you"...


As a sign of their love for their families, The happy Couple offer these roses, to their mothers as symbols of their eternal love.

Wedding Officiant